Yasuaki Okamoto: Governor’s Island Art Fair 2013

| September 17, 2013

Yasuaki Okamoto’s oil on canvas paintings perform a kind of surrealist flight into lush visionary territory that incorporates animals, plants, everyday objects, landscape, and ethereal beings.

Much of his art plays around with the idea of modern issues mixed with traditional painting styles.

One of his paintings showing at the building #5A NORAN PARK, Governor’s Island Art Fair 2013 called “Sign”.

“I once painted a piece that, instead of showing things from nature, only depicted man-made objects. It felt like a protest against something in the world.” He said.

Okamoto does this often, taking a normal landscape like a sky, ocean, desert or city, and then combining other images that send out subtle messages and references to current issues.

Okamoto’s superb work is metaphorically based and very much inspired by his extensive travels throughout Europe, Asia and North America.
The Art fair through the end of September so please visit and enjoy.

Okamoto’s artworks recently selected / exhibited at the Agora gallery: The 2013 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition.

Artists website: http://www.yasuaki.info/

6th Annual Governors Island Art Fair
September 7 – 29, 2013
Saturdays and Sunday, 11am – 6pm
All Visitors : Free
8min ferry ride to Governors Island : Free
GIAF 2013 Catalogue (option) : $20
Building #5A, NOLAN PARK
Governors Island, NY
Event URL: http://www.4heads.org


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